Furniture shopping likely isn’t something that you do very often, but when it comes up, you, of course, want to enjoy great savings while doing it. Saving money is always a good thing to do, but it’s of even more importance than usual when dealing with such a potentially expensive transaction. Keep reading to learn 8 specific ways you can save money the next time that you have to buy furniture.

1) Read The Sunday Paper: It’s going to be the one day of the week full of advertisements and coupons for the many deals, sales, and specials that retailers in your area are running that week, so you can be aware of where the discounts are. You might also want to check out the classifieds for listings of the local garage or yard sales that might have cheap furniture you can use.

2) Get Advice Online: Check out Internet blogs, forums, and social media groups dedicated to furniture to learn what times of year prices get the best. There might be seasonal dips in prices after major holidays, in certain months, or when new furniture is about to flood showrooms. Learning when these happen can help you time your purchase.

3) Visit Amazon and eBay: Don’t restrict yourself to big companies and major retailers. Many upstarts and individuals are selling good pieces of furniture at great prices through these two sites.

4) Check Out Goodwill: Does your community have any of these stores? Hit them on Sundays. Most of their donations show up on Saturdays, so it’s Sundays when the good stuff gets out to the floor.

5) Craigslist And Freecycle Are Also Worth A Look: Locals looking to get rid of some of their used furniture might put the listings up on Craigslist for low prices, and anything on freecycle is typically going to cost you nothing more than going to pick it up.

6) Ask About Clearance Sections In Stores: Not every furniture store is going to have a clearance area open to the public, since it might make the showroom look not so great. However, they’re going to have something in the back that showed up with a little damage or just got returned. Ask a sales floor associate about anything that they might happy to unload for cheap.

7) Leave Online Sites Hanging: Put a piece of furniture in your shopping cart, but don’t check out. You might get an email within 24 hours about a discount or deal if you come back and finish. For that matter, talk to the Live Chat bot or person, and express interest, but only if you get a deal.

8) Ask Around On Social Media: You might not feel up for this one, but you might want to just put a soft query out on Facebook to friends, family, and coworkers. Never beg or expect something free to show up to your doorstep, but you never know when someone’s got something collecting dust they would like to pass on to a new home. You also might just get great advice or leads in other directions.

Now that you’ve read this article, you not only know how to look for great savings in furniture shopping, but you have 8 specific methods you can try to spare your bank account while getting your home the furniture you need to live comfortably.


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