To maximize the benefits of orthodontic treatment, you need to ensure that the orthodontist performs them under ideal conditions. Can you get a root canal with braces?

Can I have a root canal when I’m wearing an orthodontic appliance?

There are many reasons why a tooth needs a root canal, including, but very rarely because of orthodontic forces. Regardless of the reason for the need for a root canal, having an orthodontic appliance and obtaining a root canal can occur simultaneously. As you know, the brackets are located at the front of the teeth, and during the procedure the endodontist (root canal specialist) will make a hole in the back or upper part of the tooth. As with routine hygiene visits, we recommend removing the wires before the visit to ensure easier access to the tooth. Our office will gladly do it and replace it later, but it requires some coordination between our office and your endodontist, so plan well in advance.

Can I use orthodontic treatment if I have a tooth canal?

This is a common question that patients ask before starting orthodontic treatment. More and more orthodontic procedures are performed on adults, and many of our adult patients have significantly restored their teeth. Some patients will have root canal treatment in their teeth and are concerned that these teeth cannot be transferred.

There is general agreement that if the tooth has a healthy root canal, it can be transferred using an orthodontic appliance.

Can you get a root canal with braces?

What happens during the channel?

The area around the tooth is anesthetized, so you will not feel pain. A small hole was made in the upper part of the tooth so that the dentist could access the area inside the tooth and remove the infected pulp (tissue) and disinfect the canals. Both areas are then filled with special dental material and sealed. The hole in the tooth is filled with temporary or permanent filling.

The root canal generally does not cause more discomfort than filling, but the tooth can be sensitive for several days – this can be easily alleviated with Ibuprofen or other over-the-counter painkillers.

Can I get braces if I have caries or gum disease?

Your orthodontist wants to give you the best opportunity to get the perfect smile. That’s why you should wear braces at the perfect time. If you are currently suffering from tooth decay or gum disease, you should first try to solve these problems. The reason is that you don’t want the situation to go on while you are wearing braces. This may require removal during treatment. That’s why it’s always best to take care of it first.

Will crowns or root canal need replacement?

As mentioned above, usually having orthodontic appliances will not damage existing dental work in the mouth. However, no two people are alike, and therefore there are no two lips. It should be remembered that the orthodontist will take everything into account before he even adjusts to the orthodontic appliance. This includes the general state of oral health, such as the integrity of the gums and teeth.



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