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Be sure to try out free trials of any premium programs that are out there. For example, you might find a great pillow on Amazon that’s at a great price, but you might not like the shipping costs. If you take advantage of a free trial month of Amazon Prime, you can probably get free two-day shipping. Just remember to cancel the membership before 30 days pass.

Many websites now have Live Chat or Live Help features. Don’t be afraid to chat with them and ask a few questions. Many of the people on the other side are empowered to throw in deals or discounts if they feel like you’re on the fence and they want to close the sale. You might get some money back or free shipping, so long as you order immediately while still chatting with them.

Don’t turn your nose up at anything labeled as refurbished. You might not think highly of refurbished pillows, but it’s possible they never got used or touched in the first place. They might be returns or just overstock the original manufacturer dumped into clearance. The devil is always in the details, so read the fine print.

Now that you have read this article, you know a few tips you can use about how to save on a pillow when shopping online. Knowing when and where you should look helps, but many of these ideas work all of the time. Use these pieces of advice to soften the sticker shock of a new pillow. You can certainly rest your head on them when you go pillow shopping online.


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